Grateful Friday

I am deeply grateful to be heading south--towards warmth, sunshine, longer days, quiet, relaxation.

I am grateful that I had so much time to be with Amy over the last few weeks--hanging out, drinking tea, eating toast, shopping and sharing.

Finally got to Boulder Station in Las Vegas for Thursday Night Blues with Eric Sardinas. Yes, it was worth a 7 hour drive--he's that good.

Traveling with Brad down the highway--great music on the ipod, sudoka puzzles, magazines, and interesting things to see.

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Anonymous said...

I'm greatful for...

-Hanging out with you and Dad
-Going to the stonehouse for Dad's birthday... I can never have normal french toast again!
-Seeing Kona, and her being happy to see me too!
-My date with Tyja: going to the movies, with a bottle of wine

Hope you guys are having fun!