Baby Shower

Jeremy & Dawn's baby boy is not due until Saint Patrick's Day, but we decided to hold the baby shower now. I spent the last month choosing the theme, making invitations, handling rsvps, and arranging decorations. The theme was blue for a boy and white for the snow. We used a lot of snowflakes.

We created a punch with blood orange soda, peach nectar, pomegranate juice, and a little pure lemon juice for tartness. Then we let people add as much champagne as they would like. Other than that Brad made a marinated shrimp dish and all the other food was simple finger food.

Dawn's mother and sister did an incredible job of making the cutest little teddy bear cake and being in charge of all the games--thank goodness, I'm not good at it at all.

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I had a nice time with you and dad the past couple of weeks. I'm happy that I could be involved with the Baby shower, it meant a lot to me! Thank you for hanging out with me, hope you have fun on your trip!