Quick Hints Tuesday

Garlic Bread spread--we have tried umpteen methods for making garlic bread, but this was the best: put whole peeled cloves of garlic in the blender, blend. Add soft butter, blend. Spread on bread, sprinkle with Parmesan cheese. Broil.

WD-40 to clean the stove--yes, it works (thanks, Bob & Jeannie!). Spray WD-40 on burnt on stuff on the stove. Let sit for awhile, wipe away. I've had spots on my stove practically since we got it and they disappeared instantly. I also tried it on the hard water spots on the shower doors and was very happy with the results.

Debbie Meyer Green Bags--I will have to say that they really work at keeping your fruits and vegetables fresh longer. We had two peaches that we kept for almost two weeks and they were fabulous when we ate them. Ordinarily, they would have been rotten in three or four days.

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Anonymous said...

Ty and I will have to try that WD-40 thing. Our stove top is horrible and nothing will get it off.