Knowledge Center

I discovered yesterday morning that alumni have full use of the new Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center at UNR. I jumped in my car and headed there straightaway. The clerk gave me a library card without even asking to see my driver's license or proof of when I graduated. It's good for a year.

The building is gorgeous, but the interesting thing is that there are no stacks of books! They have a automatic book retrieval system of giant steel drawers. You request a book and the system brings it to you.

There is a multimedia center filled with computers and large screen monitors. They have 15,000 videos and DVDs for checkout. The popular reading nook is filled with magazines and current hardbound books. Comfortable couches and chairs are scattered about. A little cafe is on the first floor. The Book Nook sells used books for $1.50 and magazines for 20 cents. You will find me there quite often.


Del said...

Talk about high tech! I can see why you would want to go there lots! I used to go to the library every lunch break when I worked. I would combine my coffee breaks and lunch hour and have my nose in a book for 90 min. I loved the comfy chesterfields and the silence and it was such a stress reliever.

Nessie Noodle said...

ooh, good to know! Isn't the campus amazing? I went over there a few months back and was stunned despite the fact that I live and work so close by, there is nothing like seeing your ould stomping grounds change so much.