The Secrets of Pistoulet

This is probably the favorite book that I own, I would never part with it. I discovered it in a used book store; luckily all the pieces and parts were still there.

It is the story of Mademoiselle J, feeling a bit melancholy, visits Pistoulet as a respite from the frustrations of the world. The is a wonderland of hand drawings, little windows that open, envelops with letters inside, maps printed on vellum pages. The dreamy world is highlighted with fantastic recipes to cure what ails you.

Here's an example:

Sweetness Enhancing Honey
to be served to those who have become rough around the edges

On the eve of a waxing moon, when the flowers shine in the brilliant light, go to the secret garden and gather petals from the most beautiful and scented of pink and yellow roses, the most fragrant lavender, and the petals of the most exquiste violets. Find a hive of buzzing bees and request a cup of honey for the potion. The bees will understand and be generous. Combine the buzzing bees' honey with the beautiful and scented petals and a touch of cinnamon in a pot. Place over a low flame until the color disappears from the petals and their fragrance has infused the honey.
Serve immediately on thick hearty toast,
or place in a sterilized jar for later use.

CAUTION: Sweetness will ooze from the pores of even the most gnarly types.

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Tiffany said...

Oh, it sounds fantastic! Sort of reminds me of Nick Bantock's The Forgetting Room (which I devoured!)