Look Out!

What a treat! Our own cozy cab, above the trees, mountain views in 360 degrees, burnished sunsets, rosy sunrises. Oh, heaven!

We rented a Look Out Tower built in 1934 from the Federal Government for only $45 overnight. Arriving around 1pm, we lugged our food, bedding, and clothes up two stories to the observation cab at the top. It had a little countertop and sink, cookstove, heater, and propane lamps. It also had a true fire finder still installed.

We immediately moved the beds together, topped them with an air mattress, duvets, and down pillows, right up against the windows. Brad had pre-cooked our dinner, so we could just pop it into the oven. I spent a little while dozing in the sun before we ate.

The best thing was the log book where people wrote long entries about their experiences there. We had fun reading them aloud to each other. An awful lot of them snowshoed the two miles uphill in winter. We preferred the easy drive in our car.

The worst thing was the outhouse, while very clean, is two stories down. At night I was a little worried about running into the bears.

We have decided to wait until a really big storm is on its way, then call up and see if the lookout is available. It would be so romantic with the wind howling and the rain lashing the windows.

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Tiffany said...

I didn't know you could do that - how very cool!