The Secret Concert

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We were more than a little excited when we deduced that Dave Alvin would be the "special guest" at a The Palms in Winters last Saturday night. We jumped up and bought tickets immediately.

The Hacienda Brothers was Chris Gaffney's band. Chris was Dave's best friend, who died of liver cancer on April 17th. Dave has not played a real advertised show since then. There have been a few Gaff Tribute Shows that he's been to. When the recording at the The Palms phone line said, "Special Guest, whom I can't say." Twice!, we got the message loud and clear. I can't fathom why it had to be such a secret, but I'm damn glad we made it there; considering it is over 150 miles away, we were taking a big risk.

The show opened with Red Meat, a really great band, that Dave produces. They are rockin', highly entertaining. I enjoyed them immensely. The Hacienda Bros, lead by Dave Gonzalez, also put heart into playing Gaff songs and telling stories about Chris inbetween each song. We waited patiently, enjoying the show... kept waiting...another Hacienda Bros song...more waiting...finally...DAVE!

When he walks onto the stage, the whole crowd changes. Their attention is 100% focused on him. Every move is watched. From the first strum of his Telecaster, the first breath of his voice in the mircophone, he has them in the palm of his hand. He appears to be a great mood, smiling & laughing, doing the trademark kicks and jumps, clapping along with other during the other musicians' solos. His set is way too short for us, maybe five songs. All songs he wrote or played with Chris. He really pulls out all the stops on American Music, hitting it hard.

It was a small taste, just enough to satisfy me, until we see the whole thing in two weeks. Dave is only playing two shows this whole year with the Guilty Men. The first one is in Fallon NV on Aug 22. A free show in the park 7:30-10PM...this is too good to be true. And the second one at Crystal Bay for New Years Eve. (I've already booked rooms). I can't believe how lucky we are to live right here.


Anonymous said...

it was indeed a great show Cathy...although, i felt the excitement level was equally high for the Hac Bros...btw, Dave plays a strat not a tele...i know, picky picky!...see you in Fallon

Cathy said...

Drat! I hate when I make stupid mistakes. A Stratocaster, of course... not a Telecaster!

Jon Noe said...

Thanks for the review! Actually Dave's played a few other shows since Gaff passed away. And don't forget the Dog and Pony Show Labor Day Weekend in Hollywood. Dave and the Guilty Men, The Knitters, The Blasters, The Hacienda Brothers and more! Take care, Jon From Seattle

Anonymous said...

He is also playing with the Guilty Women (?) at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass in SF.