Lavender Ridge

Bee on Lavender, originally uploaded by c8mills.

I hit one of those moments of pure photo joy playing with my camera at Lavender Ridge the other day. The lighting was very interesting, murky but golden, due to the smoky air. It looks terrible at a distance, but the close ups were fantastic.

The bees practical frolic among the budding lavender, ignoring my presence completely. You can put the lens right up next to them and they don't mind at all. And the aroma is intoxicating!

Lavender Ridge is a small farm on the corner of Mayberry and 4th Street. Stop by if you can, now while the lavender is at the peak. They have quite a business going with the sale of lavender plants, garden parties, and a wonderful, surprisingly extensive, gift shop.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mom~

Your picture is amazing! I love the purple blending in the background with the green! And the bee, Wow, great picture!