Grateful Fourth of July

My photo above was added to Flickr’s Explore, bits of interestingness of the last 7 days. This has lead to the most comments and the most favorites of any photo I have had so far. I am deeply gratified.

Beach Blanket Babylon~what a wild ride! We went with Jeremy & Dawn and laughed our guts out.

In spite of seeming to have lost our way over the last few years, I am still incredibly grateful for this country. I admire the good, kind hearts of the people here and know that we will find our way back. The strength and justice of our system will prevail.

Looking forward to: Alcatraz Island, Giants vs. Dodgers, Fireworks on the Bay.


Anonymous said...

I've never heard of Beach Blanket Babylon before. Now there is something new we can do in the city...after all, we do live close to the city now! Glad to hear that you guys are having fun!


Anonymous said...

I have looked everywhere for your photo on Flickr. No luck! Can you post a link?

Cathy said...

OK, here's the link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/homestretching/2625370296/