Quick Hint Tuesday

Hummingbird feeders: To alert hummingbirds of a new feeder, surround it with red or yellow artificial flowers or ribbons. These are the colors that their eyes pick up. After awhile you can take them down and the hummingbirds will remember where the feeder is. (This hasn't actually worked for the last two days, but I still have high hopes).

WikiTravel: Wikipedia has an awesome worldwide travel guides. Wherever you are going, check here first.

Lemongrass: You can grow your own lemongrass easily. Just buy some from the store or farmers' market and place into a glass of water until it grows some roots. Plant in the ground or a pot. Viola~lemongrass all summer!


Dominique said...

Thanks for the tip, I couldn't find any book about Seattle around here, but on WikiTravel I found everything I need!

Michael said...

Hi Cathy!

I didn't realize you had this blog up until I took a closer look at your Facebook profile. I am alive and well in New York. Mark's coming out here on Friday. I'm bracing myself (by relaxing) for business school applications in the fall.

Hope this note finds you well.

Best and love,