Quick Hint Tuesday

SundryBuzz: Cool website with “advice you didn’t ask for.” Actually I found quite a bit of very useful information here.

Cherry-Chicken Salad: We have to do something with all these cherries around here. This is loosely based on a recipe from Sheila Lukins in the USA Cookbook. Mix equal parts halved and pitted cherries with cooked shredded chicken breast, add in chopped celery and walnuts. Mix in mayonnaise and/or plain yogurt and tarragon or other herb.

Digital Elph: Amy’s boyfriend bought her the best little camera~a Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS. It’s smaller than a deck of cards and has 8.0 megapixels and almost all the same features as my camera.

If you cut off the butt of endive and put the ends in salt, it will take away the bitterness.

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Del said...

The cherry chicken salad sounds divine. Now I just have to wait until we get our fill of cherries from British Columbia later this month.