Went for a quick lunch at a super cool little soup, salad, sandwich shop called SÜP. The friendly counter help were nothing like the soup nazi. Six different housemade soups served daily. I had chicken tortilla, but some of the others sound so tempting: loaded baked potato, carrot ginger, tomato bisque. The soup came with little loaves of bread made from the House of Bread on California Ave. Brad had the house salad, which had luscious sliced strawberries and Grape-Nuts sprinkled on top. Each meal came with a tiny oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. Owners Christian & Kasey Christensen came up with a great business plan, serving fresh, healthy food; fully packed for lunch today. I just wish they were open for dinner too.

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Nessie Noodle said...

that place is good, isn't it? It is a little packed though- a quick change in the table layout would do them good me thinks... I need to gather someone for lunch now!