Grateful Sunday

We've been gone, but so many wonderful things have happened to me lately, that I just didn't want to let them slip away unnoticed, so I am very grateful for:

At Dawn's birthday party, her mother told me how much she adores Jeremy. The best thing a mother can hear.

Best Todd Snider solo show that I have ever seen in Petaluma. He was all big grins, finger-picking, spot-on vocals. Very polished, well as polished as Todd can be, anyway. Oh, and a cameo from Elvis too.

I LOVE Sebastopol. I'd move there if I could figure out how~at The Underwood a curried chicken sandwich for lunch, Empire 1 Nursery for cool plants, koi, or pottery, Andy's Produce for luscious berries, and Screamin' Mimi's for Grand Marnier ice cream.

Condensing our regular week-long trip to Bodega Bay into 3 hrs--breakfast at Howard's Cafe in Occidental, drive over Old Coleman Valley Road to Bodega Bay, walk at Wright's Beach, fresh bread from Wild Flour Bakery in Freestone.

Dinner alfresco, at my mom's house, lovely salads (crab & shrimp for them, ham for me).

The Carson City newspaper, The Nevada Appeal, published an article based on my blog. Six out of the seven photos are mine.

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Cynthia said...

Damn, I'm jealous. A Todd Snider show is exactly what I need right now....