Garlic Parmesan Dipping Oil

As you might have guessed by now, I am a flying~by~the~seat~of~my~pants cook. Exact amounts don't mean much to me. It's more about what flavors blend. So, when we were in Napa last time, I spied these elegant bottles of Roasted Red Pepper Dipping Sauce and Garlic Parmesan Dipping Oil with lovely labels. I thought that they would be fun to make. So I cruised around the internet and assembled various ideas until I came up with this:

Gently simmer about 12-15 whole peeled cloves of garlic in 1 cup of olive oil. Cool.

In a blender, put:
1/4 cup of white balsamic vinegar or lemon juice
1 t. sugar (plus or minus)
fresh oregano (or dried)
hot red pepper flakes or a few drops Tabasco (according to your taste buds)
about 1 cup of grated Parmesan cheese
salt + pepper

Add the garlic oil with cloves. Blend.
Now, what to do with such a concoction? Well, here's some ideas that I have come across:

Toss with bread cubes and bake for croƻtons
Use on pasta or potatoes
Marinate poultry or fish
Caesar salad dressing
Brush on a pizza before cooking
Drizzle on fresh sliced tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil
Use it to stir fry
Pan roast meats or veggies
Or, dip bread in it

Next, I'm going to try the Roasted Red Pepper Dipping Sauce


Anonymous said...

Ok now, you know we're going to be up Saturday night for dinner and your making us hungry!

Del said...

Sounds excellent!