Prescription for a Dark and Weary World

Being an NPR junkie, I am as overwhelmed as you are right now with all the sadness in world. The bad news is just too much to comprehend; my heart breaks for all those people in Myanmar and China, and now Florida and the Midwest too. Plus, we still have the earthquakes jangling nerves around here (only eight yesterday!) So I have been working on re-focusing on myself and bring my life into alignment. You can follow along, expanding or contracting, mixing and matching, as fits your time and desires.

First, go to the grocery store and buy every luscious ripe fruit that appeals to you. You might also get some nice yogurts, pomegranate juice, or other healthy indulgences.

Next, go for a pleasant walk, preferably out in nature, alone. Use this time to look around, listen to the birds, see your world as a place of calm. Bring your focus back to yourself, what is it that will bring you happiness in your life? What can you do now to make good things happen, today?

Come home. Turn on some Classical music, fairly loud. (Your local radio or cable television probably has a station). I know you probably prefer some other type of music most of the time, but for this prescription, only classical counts. No matter what, DO NOT check the news.

Start rinsing and chopping all that beautiful fruit into a gorgeous fruit salad. Enjoy the process of making something so good for you while the music plays. Take a big bowlful and sit in the sun somewhere quiet. Really concentrate on the flavors and textures of the fruit as you eat.

Give a long, deep hug to someone you love.

And, of course, a delightful soak in a warm bath. Oh, heaven. For this bath, we will draw all of the toxins out, while we let all the muscles relax. Pour ½ cup of Epsom salts, ½ cup of baking soda, and some lavender essential oil (or whatever you prefer) into a warm bath. Swirl. Steep in it until you feel better.

Finally, take two little pieces of dark rich chocolate, and call me in the morning.

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Tiffany said...

Definitely my kind of prescription! I've found that, since I work in state government and am surrounded and saturated by everything going on in the world and in the state (most of which focusing on the economic downturn), I've started a daily routine of meditating and stretching to shed all that negativity that seems to seep in.

I think I'll go take those 2 dark chocolates now!