Clothes Shopping Simplified

Last week I got a chance to do my bi-annual clothes shopping at the Eddie Bauer Outlet in Folsom CA. I really like EB clothes: simple, straight-forward, quality and good colors. I go once in the spring and once in the fall. That pretty much takes care of all my clothing needs.

I bought a pair of khaki twill jeans because I literally wore through my only pair of pants when we were camping. I don't wear pants in the summer around here, but I felt like I should at least have one pair.

Other than that, I got two pairs of capris, two pairs of shorts, two camisoles, two t-shirts. And a pair of yoga-style pants for wearing around the house. All in neutral brown, black, blue, and green. They all go with each other. And mix with what I already have. For 30 minutes and grand total of $202, I have a wardrobe until next fall.

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Easton said...

Last time, got clothes shopping at Sears, it was a nice experience.