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Green Week. Emily started the first week of March with all things green and a few bloggers and joining in to publish green photos all week. This is the paperwhite bulb that Alicia sent for a swap. It is growing in a glass cylinder in my living room. I like the odd wavy effect of the glass in this picture.

Brad. For those of you who have asked, he is walking around with a cane now. No walker, no crutches. No pain. He even went for a little walk down the street yesterday. Well on his way to a full recovery.

Bunnies. Yes, we have four bunnies in the back garden. You know what that means...baby bunnies this spring. Yay!

Jeff Healy. I have admired him for many years, since I would drive around in my 65 Mustang playing his cassette, See the Light, full volume. He passed away yesterday at age 41 from cancer which took his eyesight at age 1. Very talented musician. He has a new CD being released April 22. If you can, please buy it to help out his wife and children.

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emily said...

your bulb has grown so tall already. (i just need to get with it and stick mine in some rocks already!)

happy that you're finding the green with me.