Winter List

The winter list tends to be the organizing, clean it up, look~to~the~future kind of list, but that makes me happy as well. I want my life to be simple and sweet. No big things hanging overhead, just pleasant day~to~day living. If I accomplish these jobs, I feel free to do the more creative fun things without guilt.

On my lists, I like to emphasize the positive things I have to look forward to. Like you, I have to do my tax return, but I don't put it on the list because it is a necessary item that will get done anyway. No, this list is for the things I WANT to do.

Here it is:

Brad's 50th Birthday party--Jan 12
Campbell Brothers--Jan 25
Todd Snider--Feb 1 & 2 (yes, both days)
Robben Ford--Feb 8
Tab Beniot--Feb 16
UNR Basketball games

New glasses
garden plans
scrapbook pages ( a lot!)
winter kits for both cars
organize my photos on the computer
idrive.com to backup my computer
new end table
condition leather furniture
sign up for paperbackswap.com

Lots of books~to~read and movies~to~see, but that's a separate list.

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