I Don't Want Junk

It's time once again to get rid of the nuisances that fill up life. First, the DO NOT CALL list. I know my first five years expired, but I re-listed, why do they still drive my insane? Thank goodness for caller id, or I'd loose my mind.

Unwanted, unrequested, undesirable mail: It's endless. Because we own two businesses and have good credit, we are buried under paper mailers. I get a flier per day from Mitt Romney, which I don't understand at all. I wouldn't vote for him, and each one makes me more determined. I have been stuffing all the paperwork back into the stamped envelops and sending it back to them. If everyone did this, they might stop. But I really feel that it's a waste of my time, more than their money.

Here are the "get off the mailing list" websites:

www.optoutprescreen.com -- let's you out of the major credit bureau's list for credit cards and insurance. You have to print the form and mail it. This is at least half my junk, so I did it.

www.coxtarget.com/mailsuppression/s/DisplayMailSuppressionForm -- these are those annoying blue envelops called Valpak with coupons galore. They claim to send out 45 million!! every time. This is appalling.

www.dmachoice.org/mps -- they charge $1 to your credit card, but it's worth it to me.

www.catalogchoice.org -- let's you select which catalogs to receive and which to jettison.

I have made it soooooo easy for you. Just click on each link and ten minutes later, you're done!


Nessie Noodle said...

thanks for reminding me to do this!
I just took care of it, hopefully- I will be seeing less junk mail soon!

Allison said...

UnlistAssist is another opt out company. UnlistAssist will remove your name and personal information from 40 online databases and major people search engines. And while you are using thier services they will keep you informed of new info to help further your ID protection. Because when your name/ info is out in cyberspace it can be used by ID theves as well as mass marketers. You should check out UnlistAssist.com.

Tiffany said...

you are a godsend with these links - it seems that in the last month, I have chucked at least a mountain (if not two) of crap fliers, credit card offers and catalogs! It's craziness, I tell you!

Cathy said...

Thanks, Allison, I'll do that today!