100% Oprah Free

I did it! I cut the Oprah ties! I am free! It’s taken a long time because I felt she had an amazing story herself and brought so much good into women’s lives. But over time, it became a burden. I gave up the television show years ago when I gave almost all tv. I didn’t want to give up an hour of my life everyday to her, no matter how valuable the information was. And to be honest, as far as useful information for our real lives, maybe a tenth of it is applicable. I had to go when Dr. Phil took over. He is even more pompous than she is.

But the magazine, oh my! How exciting to get it in mailbox, heavy with potential. Ignoring the glossy ads, make-up advice, and overpriced clothing suggestions, it has real meat. Martha Beck, Suze Orman, lots of articles on being the best self you can be. But tired of so much preaching, I found it sitting at the bottom of my magazine pile, month after month. The new one arriving before I started the old one. Then it was a obligation to finish, a goal to set, a duty. When O at Home started coming out, I thought I was done for. I adore home magazines. But I glanced through it in the grocery line and none of it was even within my realm of real life.

The renewal notice came. I ignored it. Another one arrived, I threw it in the trash, without thinking about it. Another one. Another one. Another one. This month no magazine arrived. I saw it on the newsstands, but there wasn’t one for me. Can I take the pressure of not knowing the latest Oprah “Favorite Things?”

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I would love you to be on my show.