Amy treated us to a wonderful dinner at the restaurant where she is working. The chefs, Duskie Estes and John Stewart, have created quite a reputation here in this little farmhouse outside of Santa Rosa. They have been named the TOP 10 Italian Restaurants in Northern California by ZAGAT and TOP 50 restaurants in the Bay Area by San Francisco Magazine. ZAZU has been featured in Decanter, Art Culinaire, Food & Wine, Bon Appetit, The Press Democrat, Los Angeles Times, Pinot Report, Wine Country Living, and San Francisco Magazine. They have a farm to grow a lot of the food served in the restaurant, including a pig farm to make their own bacon, sausage, and salami.

For an appetizer they have tomato soup with grilled cheese, which sounds delicious, but we opted to share a butcher's antipasti of homemade salami, cheeses, beets, roasted peppers, eggplant. My dinner choice was the "As Seen on TV" Macaroni&Cheese because Duskie came in second on the Food Network Mac&Cheese competition. It has roasted cauliflower and bacon, and sprinkled with crunched Cheese-Its. Tasty. Brad had Fulton Chicken with polenta, Ty had a steak, and Amy had scallops. For dessert, Amy ordered figs with creme brulee and Ty had a Drunken Cowboy, a Dr. Pepper float with vanilla gelato and shot of Jack Daniels. Really.
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Anonymous said...

ZaZu was also on the cover of wine spectator in June. We had fun, but wish you were feeling up to the occasion, next time.


MMD said...

Hi Cathy:

I hope you will read this because I'm commenting on a really old post of yours. I'm from the Todd List/shithouse wire and was drawn to your blog to read your Reno review and have been reading it most of the night.

When I saw you went to Duskie and John's restaurant, I had to post. Duskie is one of my dear friends who I knew very well when she lived up here in Seattle. I LOVE Zazu and wish I was down in that area more often. Just wanted to say hi, I love your blog and what a coincidence.

BTW, my husband and I came down from Seattle for the Reno shows and I just got to see Todd on Weds here in Seattle. I think you were by the bar talking to Zollo before the show; I'm guessing that was you and your crew. We were right behind you all sitting and having a drink before the show. What a good weekend and I hope you find my post!!

amy brightman