Tuesday Quick Hints

Fruit Compote over Brie—melt 2 T butter with 2 T brown sugar until the sugar dissolves. Add small diced fruit (pears are good, or peaches, or whatever you want) and cook until just soft. Add some chopped nuts. Pour warm over a slice of brie cheese. Serve with crackers. (Lori N made this for bookclub, who got it from Jan.)

Anagramsite—I had fun looking up names of people I know on this website, seeing if I could find a secret about them. I am This Calmly, Lilac Myths, or Silly Match.

Hornsby Hard Cider—I never liked beer, but I love this apple cider in a bottle. You can get it in most grocery stores. Look out, it’s stronger than beer, and much more pleasant.

Flickr Leech—Let’s you look at 100 Flickr photos at a time. Their motto is “Because paging sucks.”

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