Tuesday Quick Hints

Cutting a pineapple -- to properly cut a pineapple, use a big sharp knife to cut off the top and also about an inch off the bottom. Stand it upright on the cutting board. Slice off the outer rind using long downward strokes, from top to bottom. Cut deep enough to get those eyes out. Cut the whole thing in half, also with one big downward slice. Place both halves face down on the cutting board, and cut each of those into halves, so you have quarters. Now it's to easy to slice the core from each quarter, and cut it into bite size pieces. Viola!

The Mood Changer--The Comfort Queen website has this place where you put in your current (negative) mood and it will come up with suggestions and thoughts to make you feel better. Isn't that nice?

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Dominique said...

An interesting website. They suggest Sarah Ban Breathnach and I agree. She made, makes, will make me feel good...