The Great Wall of China

The China Pictures are on the bedroom wall (finally!). I took these photos in March, had them enlarged in April, framed them in May. Since then, they have lined the floor of the bedroom. I asked Brad to hang them when they were framed. After six months, I asked him again, as nice as I could be, whenever he got a chance, please. On Sunday, he did it.

Now, how could it take that long to do a 30 minute job? If it slips his mind, it will not get done simply because I am a wife who refuses to bitch and nag. If I see them still sitting there after three months, I bite my tongue. Because…he will do anything for me: he cooks me dinner every night, he brings me a glass of wine in the evenings with a little piece of cheese as a treat, he compliments me ten times a day. How can I whine about such a little thing?

And he does the same for me. He doesn’t complain that I am notoriously slow at finishing the office paperwork, or when the house is overly dusty. Or I spend all day reading blogs. Not a word of complaint from him.


Dominique said...

We have similar lives... :-)

Tiffany said...

Can you clone him?