Book Club

I haven’t had the chance to describe my book club to you. I know they have become cliché, but my club is a vital part of my social life and I’d be lost without them. I was invited to join an existing club when I quit my teaching job. Another teacher said to me, “Now that you’ll have more free time, why don’t you join us?” While I adore books, I’m not so big on clubs. I talked myself into it, promising that I only had to go once, then I could choose whether to go back. Well, four years later, I still attend every month.

The group went through a transition where most of the older members moved away and a new group of teacher/education people moved in. So now it seems that the discussion is half about school and half about our personal lives, with a 15 minute book discussion thrown in for dessert. I can honestly say that I have never heard anyone of them complain or gossip about their spouse or life in general. Only the school district earns their scorn.

I have made myself club secretary, which is quite easy; I just send out two e-mails a month with the book titles and host’s information. If, for some reason, I am unable to do this, the group falls apart quickly; no one can make a decision on anything. For this reason they often refer to me as “Mom.”

Twice this summer we had book club on a pier on Lake Tahoe at sunset. Most book clubs don’t get to do things like that. We’ve had campouts and sleepovers. In general, we switch houses monthly for delicious dinners, with copious amounts of wine.

I have to say that the book selection process is hit and miss. Someone says, “I heard about this great book,” and everyone else says, “Okay, let’s do that one next month.”It’s fun to see the various reactions to books. I am not terribly vocal about my opinions, but I appreciate the viewpoints of the others, they always point out things that I hadn’t thought of. These are educated, thoughtful women who invest a lot into their reading.

Mostly I want to say thanks to Jan, Sandie, Vicki, Lynn, Lori, Karyn, Robbin, Candi, Cathy, Cindy, Vica, and Lori for making my life so much richer.

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