Book Club at My House Tonight

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When it’s my turn to host book club, I try to do a good job. You know, make the atmosphere inviting, light a few candles, cook some delicious food, have lots of wine available.

The temperature outside has dropped 20 degrees in the last two days, so it is feeling very fall-like here. This is perfect because our house is at its best in the fall. The wood tones, dark leather furniture, and deep mustard colored walls all contribute to a cozy mood. I spent yesterday getting out the ceramic pumpkins, pinecone garlands, and wreaths. I keep looking, and moving, and putting away summery things, changing the various vignettes around the house until I’m happy with them. Then they stay in place until after Thanksgiving.

I’m still deciding on the menu, this is very unusual for me. Normally, I will have a list a least a week in advance and most of the food pre-cooked by now. I’m thinking Chicken Saute Au Parmesan, which we’ve made several times lately and I know it’s damn good. If I roast potatoes to go with it and some people bring salads that will be good enough. This morning I found a recipe on Country Home website for an Autumn Fruits Crisp with orange flavored whipped cream, which sounds like it will be ideal.

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Tiffany said...

Oooh, I wanna join your book club - what a tasty menu you have there. I can just imagine the wood tones and mustard colors and the fall decor...very nice!