Birthday Month

Yay! August is my birthday month. I’ve decided to celebrate all month long, in my usual way of creating a list of things-I-want-to-do. Since my birthday is on the 17th, I will list 17 things-to-do. They have to be fun, easy, want-to, feel-good things and I have to finish the list by the end of the month.
  1. try a new restaurant
  2. buy myself flowers
  3. send a card to someone else
  4. check out that new bookstore
  5. visit 17 new blogs
  6. donate 17 items
  7. go to the movies at a theater or drive-in
  8. bake a cake
  9. buy myself a present
  10. buy someone else a present
  11. one blues festival (or two? or three??)
  12. buy a cd of a new artist
  13. visit an art gallery or museum
  14. read a magazine that I’ve never seen before
  15. send a cd to someone else
  16. Try 3 new foods from Trader Joe’s
  17. walk a new trail

For some of these things, I already have ideas. I have ordered a new magazine, one that I’ve never read before. I know a trail that I’d like to try. I often drive passed an art gallery that looks really cool, maybe I’ll buy myself a gift there. I have a list of at least five restaurants I’d like to eat at. But for some of them, I have no idea where they will take me. I will let you know how it goes.

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