A Victorian seaside town on the coast of North Wales, this is my mother's home. Most of her friends and family are still here. As a result, we are not just typical tourists, but are welcomed into their homes with open arms. On Tuesday we walked down the beach all the way to the next town, Deganwy, and when we got there we had tea and scones and biscuits waiting for us at her cousin's home. And then they gave us a ride back to the flat we have let. Such a treat!

I am here with my daughter, my mother, my sister and her family. Seven of us. Which makes it a bit more difficult logistically, but a lot more fun, as well. We share two flats and that gives us a little more room to spread out. Cooking dinner in the little kitchenettes is a challenge, but we manage.

We have been to the King's Head, a traditional pub, twice for cider. Last night, as we walked out the door the locals called out cheerfully, " 'Night, Yanks."

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Karen said...

watch out for jelly fish Llandudno was where my brother got stung. Have you bought any of those welsh hats that look a bit like witches hats? I did though I WAS only five at the time