No, that's not a misspelling. Nestled in the hills of North Wales, this town is the jumping off place for people who will be hiking through the mountains. The town center is a large grassy common surrounded by a train station, a brooding church, and little shops. A wonderful hotel, The Royal Oaks, dominates the scenery. We ate on their deck, with a glass of cider, of course. We walked around the cementary, over the river on the suspension bridge, through the field and pass the farm house. We saw sheep butting heads and rosters in full angry cockfight. A man we met told us that the farmer "goes all twitchy" when people walk through his fields.


Anonymous said...

I'm so enjoying your trip. You tell about it in such away that I can almost imagine being there. I'm so glad you and Amy were able to go and visit your family in England. Take care.

Love ya, Aunt Gwen

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are awesome Cathy. Really enjoy reading about your trip. Say Hi to you Mom
Angel Hugs....Bobbie