I Love My Mailbox

I have a thing about happy mail. Real. honest. heart-felt. Post Office mail, not e-mail. Here’s an example: I saw a license plate that said GR8PHIL and it reminded me of my friend, Phil. So I sent him a postcard saying just that. I’m also notorious for sending people CD’s of my favorite music through the mail, whether they want it or not.Recently, I joined a postcard swap. The idea is that you get a chance to create art and send it to people (strangers) who are happy to get it. So I made 13 postcards with beach scenes of 1950’s Tahoe. I decorated them and wrote little messages on the back and mailed them good-bye. The most wonderful things started happening: I got gorgeous postcards back, I got e-mail, I got comments on my blog, I read about my cards on other people's blogs, all from wonderful women whom I didn’t know.

This group of women started a flickr group to discuss their experiences. I read over and over how everyone loved it so much that they wanted to keep it going, so I did the crazy thing and volunteered to host the next round. It won’t be until August, but if any of you are interested, I would be glad to add you to the list.

Everyone loves getting happy mail. Who can you think of to send some happy mail to?


Dominique said...

I feel the same about receiving "real" mail. I think I even forgot what it was like to receive mail (other than bills and junk).

Thanks for being the courageous one taking care of us, group of happy artsy crafty women, for the autumn postcard swap. Count me in!

Loooove the postcard you sent (received it today). I have to go to the beach this summer even if it wasn't planned! Lake Tahoe might be a little far though :-)

Jackie said...

Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! I love postcard swaps- such a welcoming treat in the mail box. Count me in for the Autumn swap too!

Mijk said...

I am in again!

Sanne said...

Thank you for your gorgeous card.Next time I eat a peach I'll think of you. My eldest daughter and I run to get the post now every morning. Count me in for the autumn swap.

Erin said...

i'd love to get in for fall too!