I am a Hooligan

I have one last England story for you. One evening Lisa, Wayne, Amy and I set off for a different pub, a little further away. After walking just a little way, Lisa said that she was cold and didn't want to go, so she turned back. We went on to the Cross Keys, which was very quiet, had a nice drink. When we walked outside, there was a lovely warmish breeze and I said to Wayne and Amy, "Look how nice it turned out to be. Lisa should have come with us."

Then we moved on to the Albert, a little further down the road, where it was very much livelier, being their quiz night. A few more drinks, some good laughs, last call, time to go. We walked out the door into a stunning downpour! Now we were a good mile away from our flat. Wayne and Amy said, "Let's walk," even though we didn't have coats, hats, or umbrellas. So we ran through town at midnight, ducking under covered walkways, setting off burglar alarms as we went, blue lights flashing, sirens wailing. We just kept running.

Just as we got to the flat, we realized that Lisa had the key to their flat and Wayne had no way in. They were on the top floor, but their window was opened a little bit. So we stood in the front garden, in the pouring rain, calling, "LISA, LISA, LISA" and laughing at how ridiculous this was as we got wetter and wetter. She was, of course, asleep and couldn't hear us. However, my mother was awake and heard a ruckus in the front garden and went to the window to see what was going on. She couldn't see anyone in the dark because we were right below the window. She thought to herself, "Well, there's a bunch of hooligans down there."


Anonymous said...

That was a fun, and funny night!!


Anonymous said...

I bet England will never be the same