Planet SARK

I found the colorful, encouraging world of SARK years ago. At the time she had published several books that suddenly hit me full force when I really needed comfort in my life. I’m not sure which book I read first, Succulent Wild Women, Eat Mangoes Naked, or The Bodacious Book of Succulence. Once I discovered her writings, I devoured all of them in rapid succession.

These are not your typical self-help books, although that’s the section you’ll find them in. Every page is brimming with handwritten confirmation of the joy and love in the world. She also addresses tough subjects like procrastination, self doubt, fear. She was sexually abused as a child and knows the hard work of coming to terms with yourself. Her way is gentle, joyful and understanding. It is like having a wild, but supportive, friend on the page.

I am currently reading Make Your Creative Dreams Real, the kind of book that you don’t read from front to back, you dip into it and find a page that speaks to your heart. She has many books, posters, and a website where you can go to get a taste of Planet SARK.

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