Tuesday Quick Hints

Appliance Sliders: usually used for the feet of chairs so they don’t scratch the wood floor, these little plastic discs are a miracle for putting on my Kitchen-Aid mixer. Before, it was too heavy to move, I had to literally lift it up to use it or clean under it. Now it slides across the kitchen counter without any effort at all.

Use up old lemons: sprinkle wooden cutting boards with a generous helping of kosher salt, cut lemon in half, rub over salt all over the cutting board to eliminate odors.

Slide show screen saver: If you use a digital camera and save your pictures on your computer, you can set it up to view the pics on a random revolving pattern. Just right click anywhere there is blank spot on your desktop. Click Properties. Under the screen saver tab, choose “my pictures slide show.” And then click “settings” to the right of it. You can change the speed and size of the photos. You can also choose a specific folder (I use the music folder to show only photos of shows we’ve been to). Make the settings so that the screen saver comes on after 5-10 minutes of non-use, but then stays on for two or three hours before going to sleep. That way you’ll get maximum view time. I’m always delighted when I see something that reminds me of a good time.

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