This is the guy that makes my life wonderful. If you know him, you know that he lives with the dial turned to "maximum" at all times. It certainly makes life exciting.

PS to Bill and Jan: Thank you for this amazing gift that you share with me.

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Anonymous said...

Every mother who has a son is blessed, I know I certainly am. I cannot believe that this child I gave birth to could brinng me so much love & happiness. He is the son that every mother wants. He has always treated us with respect & love and is there when we need him. He is a man who loves his wife so much, you can see it in his eyes when he looks at her. He is proud of his children and has given them his values and integrity. As a child and teenager he never gave us any worries. My mind is filled with memories of him that are priceless. One of them I am especially fond of. We were living in Ft. Worth, TX (which is his birthplace) Brad was about 21/2 yrs. old and I was about 7 months pregnant with Sherrie. He and I were in a field by our house flying a kite. After we have the kite quite high, as 2 year olds do, he lost interest and went running off to ride his tricycle while I stand there alone with a tummy large with Sherrie, no child in sight flying a kite. I can only imagine what the prople driving by on our very busy road wondered about this pregnant woman flying a kite by herself. In my embarassement, it seemed it took me forever to bring it down. I would not trade that day with him for all the money in the world. Brad was destined to run his own successful business. He found the most creative ways to earn money at a very early age. His first venture at age 12, was a very successful lawn mowing business. Later we lived on Mather AFB and many of the men fished. Brad got a large garbage can and filled it with dirt. He would go out at night and catch nightcrawlers (worms) and put them in his can. The men on base bought their fishing worms from him. Qite a profitable business. During this same peiod the Vietnam war was in full swing and the hyppies protested loudly, a real thorn in the side of the military. The hyppies had their own unique style of dress, which included all kinds of necklaces called hyppie beads. Brad decided he would makey hyppie necklaces out of acorns and sell them on the base. No one thought his product would be sucessful on a militay base. The necklaces were quite beautiful and he sold them from door to door. The men were so impressed with his inventiveness that the necklaces sold like hot cakes. The militay and the hyppies had a litlle common ground, thanks to a young boy. Brad works hard and plays hard. Brad conducts his life with honesty and integrity. He conducts his business in the same manner. He is thoughtful, caring, and has a sense of humor that is infectious. Like all of us, he is not perfect, but he is pretty close to it. We are all blessed to have him in our lives. Every one should have a Brad. Cathy, we are so happy to share him with you. Your qualities are equal to his and togther you are a dynamite dual.Love Jan