Morning Thoughts

This is the view from my pillow in the morning. If Brad turns on the lights before I get up, I can literally lay in my bed and watch the lights. And if I happen to have my wireless laptop with me, I can type this message to you while in bed watching the lights twinkle. My life is wonderful.

I hope that you are feeling the love this Christmas season. I am enjoying it more than ever. A lot of it has to do with writing this blog. I stop every day and think about what is bringing the joy of Christmas spirit into my life and how I can share it with you. Being conscious of it makes all the difference.

There are still presents that I need to buy, with only five days to go. But I am not stressed about it. I will go out later today or tomorrow and finish up. I do not feel pressured to get the perfect present, like I used to try so hard to do. Everyone gets a nice present, that's it.

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