Christmas Treats

So, here we are…the presents are wrapped, the tree is up, the house is decorated. We are going to Sacramento to spend Christmas with our parents. It’s the first Christmas we haven’t been home with our own kids in 26 years. Luckily we will have a post Christmas party with them next Wednesday.

Surprise treats arrived by UPS. We didn’t expect such a generous gift from our supplier. We will be eating these goodies until July. And then we got these flowers from another supplier. We used to get them every year, but we assumed that we wouldn’t be on the list any more, since we don’t buy as much from them now. And the best part is that they both matched my color scheme. How does that happen?

We have matching presents under the tree. It makes me so happy to look at it. I bought a gift wrapping set at Costco. Of course, all the sheets were too small to wrap most of my gifts, so I ended up piecing them together. And for the really big ones, I had to go buy regular rolls of wrap in gold. But they look great mixed in under the tree with their matching ribbons and bows. Also I bought the really large six inch wide ribbon by Martha Stewart at K-Mart and it looks fabulous on the biggest packages.

We’re in charge of three major meals and a breakfast this Christmas. For Christmas eve, Brad is cooking a rib roast with garlic sweet potatoes at his parents. Then on Christmas day, a ham with asparagus almondine, and sauted sweet potatoes with my family. We still have to decide on what to have for the dinner with the kids, but probably something Chinese, just to be fun and different.

I will concentrate on spending time with my family for the next few days, so I will probably not be writing on the blog for awhile. I hope that you each have a chance to find joy and love in your own heart as you celebrate Christmas this year.

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Anonymous said...

The packages are beautiful, what a treat seeing them. Besides just bows on my packages, I use to put some kind of ornamental decoration on each package. I would spend a long time in some place like Michaels looking for them. Each decoration was picked especially for each person. I tried to match the decoration with their personality. Belive it, or no, that was one of the things I enjoyed doing most at Christmas.
Love Jan