Living Christmas Tree

When I looked out my window this morning I discovered the tree outside was covered in finches. The males have bright red breasts, which doesn’t show in the photo too well. Attached to the outside of my study window is a clear plastic bird feeder (great Christmas gift hint). It’s been there about a month, but the birds have recently stumbled upon it in a rather noisy way. They hover on the roof eaves or in this tree waiting for a chance to attack. They really yak it up while pushing the others aside and trying to steal food from each other. Quite an amazing display. Life is full of wonderful surprises.

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Anonymous said...

My dear dad & mom would have loved this picture. They loved birds and would spend hours together watchig them. In Iowa we all looked forward to seeing the robins return in the Sprig from warmer climates. In the winter we waited for the beautiful red cardinals. One of natures most beautiful sights, is seing a bright red cardinal against the white snow. Such a wonderful memory tucked away in my mind.
Love Jan