The Buttcracker

Yes, the title is right. We attended a local theater production of The Buttcracker in Reno last night, starring none other than the Sugar Bum Fairy. My poor face was exhausted from smiling so much. This parody had almost no dialogue, just a very sarcastic narrator, and incredibly bad dancing. Silly, bizarre, and absurd, just what we needed to bring joy and cheer into our hearts for the holidays. The snickers throughout the audience tickled my ears with delight. It’s playing in a small theater in the downtown area that we had never been to before. The room is smallish, dark, with the stage down low and probably six levels above it with big couches instead of seats. Downstairs they have a coffeehouse vibe going on with drinks, artwork, and another small stage. If the opportunity comes up, please take a chance and go to a local theater.

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