Blog Thoughts

I am going to have to start attending blog-a-holics anonymous meetings. I have had these thoughts going around in my head for years, and now they have a way to get out. The most amazing ideas work their way through my fingers onto the screen. They surprise me. Sometimes I didn’t know that I was thinking them until they arrive on screen. I love it! It’s like being writer, photographer, stylist, and editor of my own magazine of my life. Who wouldn’t love that? But it’s additive and I have to be careful.

Once I bought scrapbooking paper with pine trees all over it, in anticipation of going Christmas tree hunting with my family. I planned on taking all kinds of photos and had the idea for the pages all arranged in my mind. Then it dawned on me that I was becoming one of those people! People who arrange events in their lives solely for the photo op. I had always laughed at the thought. Now I have to guard against the same thing with my blog. I don’t want to portray this fake, pre-conceived life. I want to keep it real.

On the other hand, it keeps me motivated to live my life in creative and exciting ways. What would I have to write about if I just sat around all the time? When I think of something new, I get energized imagining how I will write about it in the blog.

When I’m not writing my blog, I’m reading other people’s blogs. Some of them are truly amazing. (I will share the addresses some other time). I want to be a better photographer and a better writer. I read other blogs and realize how delicious they are. I want to improve. I will strive to make it better.

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