It’s a well known fact that I am crazy for anything English. I should have included anglophile in my description to the right. My mother is English and I obsess over everything British, books and food especially. I have been lucky to visit her home there with her many times. I have recently discovered that by going to Flickr.com and searching “Wales,” I can see the most amazing photos and dream my time away gazing at the pictures.

My Christmas present from Brad is a trip to Wales with my mother, my daughter, my sister and her family. Seven of us traveling to England in June. Lots of arrangements to be made. Here’s a website for the flat we’ll be staying in, if you want to see what it looks like: Bellevue Holiday Flats

My mind keeps jumping from image to image: Mostyn Street in Llandudno, TuHwnt I’r Bont Tea House, Bodnant Gardens, Conwy castle, the Orme, the view from the top of Windy Hill. It's been six years since we last went. My fascination must have spread to Amy because when she learned about the trip, she got wide-eyed and said to me, “We can take pictures!” (she is a budding photographer too).


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to go, it's going to be so much fun. What a great gift I was so suprised! I'm tring not to get to exited because it's still 6 months away but it's definatly something to look forward too!
Love, Amy

Anonymous said...

I also am very excited about the trip to Wales. The only bad part is that Karen, Randy and Cameron won't be with us. I love the fact that all of you enjoy my homeland so much. It is indeed a very special place and I was so lucky to have grown up in such a lovely part of the world. If you type in Llandudno into the website that Cathy gave, beautiful photo's can be found.

Much love Mom