Pomegranate Obessions

Such a controversy swirling about the best method for removing the seeds from a pomegranate. The water method is so clean that I let my three year grandson do it by himself without worry. The spoon method is definitely quick, but messy. What to do?

Water method:

Spoon method:

Best method:

Well, of course, the answer is to combine the two. Fill a large bowl half full of water. Cut the pomegranate along the equator, pull apart. Hold one half down low above the waterline and smack the skin side with a wooden spoon until all the arils fall into the water. The pith will float to the top; scoop it out. Dump the whole thing through a colander and you're done in less than one minute.


Anonymous said...

I like hitting it, it is so much quicker! I hit it straight into a colander and rinsed it off... next time I will use your suggestion and fill a bowl with water and hit the pomegrante in there...


Georgina mcKenna said...

Now I wish I had bought a pomegranate when I was at the Farmers market this morning. I would like to try wacking one. Yes Ali I rembering using a pin. Very slow.