Some Things I Learned in Amsterdam

On the way to Tanzania, we stopped in Amsterdam for two nights. I wanted to show Brad this city that I loved so much the last time I was there. It was well worth it to rest up and wander the city. We did the guide-led walking tour and learned so much that I didn't know. A short list:

Bicycles rule here--There are 800,000 residents and 860,000 bikes. Every year between 12,000 to 15,000 bikes are removed from the canals. The saying goes, "Hear a bell, run like HELL." Pedestrians better stay out of their path.

The wonky houses lean forward on purpose, to make hauling their goods to the attic easier with a rope and the hook at the roof line. They also lean sideways, but not on purpose. They were built on wooden piling several hundred years ago so it is rotting and giving way.

Waffelstoopen are wonderful waffle-shaped cookies with caramel inside. I wish I would have known that earlier.

There is a "Cannabis College" to educate people on the uses and growing techniques of marijuana.

In the red light district, there are "safe child" signs, with hours that you can bring your children. There is an 84 year old sex worker still active. She has a two week waiting list!

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