Map My Ride app--my brother-in-law, Wayne, showed me how to use this app that keeps track of how far you go, whether you are walking, jogging, or riding. Using GPS, it calculates the time, distance, and calories burned. It even knows to pause if you stop to rest. I have found it to be very useful for my daily walks.

London Fog Tea--milky Earl Grey tea with a shot of vanilla--delicious and sweet enough that it doesn't need any sugar at all.

Mother Earth Living magazine--my cousin, Debra, gave me her copy and now I'm hooked because it is both beautiful and practical, focusing on healthy and natural solutions to life. The website is useful, even if you don't subscribe.

Mighty Matoes-- grafted tomatoes (and other veggies) of super strong root systems and high producing top plants. Supposedly you can get up to 70 lbs of tomatoes from one plant. We bought ours at Rail City Garden Center and planted 7.

Cinnamon and Honey in hot water--both cinnamon and honey have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, making it wonderful if you feel a cold coming or as a preventive for allergy season. Remember to stir it hard between every sip to incorporate the cinnamon, because it tastes delicious too. I heard a rumor that drinking it first thing in the morning will help you loose weight. I'm not sure I believe that.

The Forest Feast blog--by Erin Gleeson. A feast for the eyes as well as the tummy.

Dr.  Bronner's Castile Soap -- this is, without a doubt, the best cleaner I've ever used. It melts away the dirt. So clean and natural that you can use it as soap, laundry detergent, shampoo, kitchen and floor cleaner. Absolutely worth the $10 I paid for it at Trader Joe's.

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