Grateful Friday

light summer dinners on the deck
blueberry crumble
Henry's Sisters by Cathy Lamb
watching the tomatoes grow bigger, not redder, but bigger
serious thunder cracking around us right now
chai sun tea
making friends with a taper, who has great shows to share with me


Sierra Snow Soaps said...

Wales sounds so wonderful! I was there a long, long time ago for such a short while, with no one local to show me around, you are lucky girls to share that with your mum!
Michelle in NV

Sierra Snow Soaps said...

I like the look of the blog, who do you get the pictures to go off the page?

Cathy said...


I used a new template on blogger. If I mark a photo large, it goes outside the box. It was actually incredible frustrating for me. I had to move all the sidebar stuff to the left so it wouldn't be overrun. Once I set it, I couldn't go back to the old style. Proceed with caution.