Things I Never Want to Forget About Wales

First, Wales is the most stunningly beautiful place I know--the deep green of the hills, the dramatic views, the softness of the air.

*the story of a woman who raised 13 children in a cave on the Orme.

*sharing a Cadbury chocolate bar with my sister, while over looking the town.

*getting picked up at the bus stop by a nice man named Harry, who gave us a ride all the way to Llanwurst and dropped us right at the tea house we were going to.

*quiz nights in the pubs with a glass of cider and a lot of laughs

*jacket potato (baked potato) and baked beans make a satisfying dinner

*the generousity of Kate, who loaned me her laptop, so I could Skype Brad and Amy

*sitting in the deck chairs like real tourists and watching the parade of people on The Promenade

*how much Karen loved bakewell tarts the first time she ate one

*the woman barking out the window at a group of noisy school children

*tea at the St. George Hotel, where my grandparents met

*walking around Crafnant Lake and eating lunch on the lawn

*the funny names of the undertakers in town: Peter the Box, Lem the Crem, Harry the Hearse
....and a person named Dick 18 Months, because he lost the top of his ear in an accident--an 'ear and a half!
....and the local hairdresser: Bruce the Hair

*all the men walking up and down The Prom in capris

*headline in the newspaper: Bearded Tits Make a Comeback in North Wales

*delicious flavors: buttermints, cheddar biscuits, brambly apple pie, English bacon, squash, digestive biscuits with chocolate, blackcurrent jam

*they move food around in Marks and Spencers daily so you have to search all the rows every time

*some of my favorite expressions: loo rolls (toilet paper), wheelie bins (garbage cans), hoover (vacuum cleaner), hob (stovetop), cling film (plastic wrap)

*walking a country lane lined with hedgerows of wild roses, nettles, ivy, brambles and bracken

*the sweet quality of children's voices

*the way the wind farm seemed to move across the bay, 
depending on the light and your position

*being surprised by Morris dancers 
walking down the street in black face, tattered clothes, and feathers

*the granduer of the cathedral at Chester

*the laburnum arch at Bodnant Gardens in full bloom

*the ultimate food--a bacon roll--bacon on bread with butter!

*they have a television station called Filth

*a baby seagull that fell off the roof and cried all night because he couldn't get back in the nest

*the guy with signs on his front, back, both arms and also holding a giant sign that says, "Stop Filming Me."

*seeing seagulls regularly attack people on the beach eating fish and chips

*when Karen saw all the fresh prepared foods available in the grocery store Asda, she said, "I'm so jealous, I could spit!"

*another hairdresser: Curl Up and Dye


Georgie said...

Thank you Cathy for the memories of our trip to Wales. I loved being reminded and I laughed at so many of your comments. Being with you and Karen was wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great memories - I'll never forget our trip. Your pictures are great!!

Delena said...

Beautiful pictures to go with great stories of your trip! Have a nice summer.

holiday cottages uk said...

Beautiful Wales! How can anybody forget it? I'm currently spending my pembrokeshire holidays and I have so much fun!