I can't explain my absence from the web. I needed time away, physically and mentally. We traveled over 2000 miles and saw many wonderful things, but I didn't feel like I had words to blog about them.

Short re-cap: We started down the California coast, then spent a cold, rainy week in Las Vegas. We headed to Yuma to get some dental work done in Mexico, but it took longer than we anticipated, so we ended up doing other things while we were there: new glasses, prescription drugs, dermatologist, blood work, haircut and color ($29 for both!). Figuring that we saved over $8000, it was worth the time.

After a short, but refreshing visit with my sister and her family in San Diego, we headed north up the coast again. The coolest thing was watching the tsunami come in from high on a cliff in Santa Cruz.

We got home Thursday. While you're away for an extended time, there are a million things that pop into your head that need to be taken care of, but you can't do anything about them, what you need is at home. It constantly nags at your brain. Now, we can address them and start moving forward again.


Georgie said...

Wow, what a pleasure it was to look at your blog and find something there. I miss reading about your life. Love Mom♥

SierraSnowSoaps said...

I have been missing all the pictures taken with your new camera!
How did you find a dentist in Mexico? I anm not sure how long I can keep up the Cobra insurance, nice to know other options.
Michelle in NV

Cathy said...


We got a recommendation from on of Brad's clients. There are over 500 dentists in this little town. Crowns are about $200 each. Everyone we talked with was very happy with the dentist they chose.