A January Day at the Beach

Southern California is an amazing place. On a sunny weekend day in mid-winter everyone is out, biking, beach combing, sunbathing. I took the opportunity to have some fun with the new camera. These were all taken within a few hours at the beach in Carpinteria. I used the same lens, mostly the same settings (I'm just learning). I did post process the pics using Picnik. Love, love, LOVE the way they turned out.


Anonymous said...


I love, love, LOVE the way your photos turned out too! They are absolutely amazing! I always enjoy looking at your photos. My favorites are the one with the ice-plant, the starfish, the little girl with the yellow bucket, and the last one! Is that Dad in the one with the little kid?


Delena said...

I love your pictures also!

Wayne said...


Awesome pics! I want to get some printed and framed for my "beach" style bathroom. Have fun with the camera.