Grateful Friday

I can feel the perfume of these lilies 15 feet away, as soon as I go out the backdoor

Jamie Oliver cookbooks--he opens my eyes (and nose and mouth) to new ways of eating

prescription sunglasses--I couldn't make it through the summer without them

fresh ground nutmeg

"pirate" mode on Facebook--what a riot!


Anonymous said...

Pirate mode? Never heard of it, I'll check it out. Lilly's are my absolute favorite flower, they are beautiful and delicious smelling!


Georgie said...

What is Pirate mode? Please explain.

Cathy said...

Go to your profile page, at the bottom left side, it says English(US), change it to English(Pirate). It says things like "Georgie and Cathy be mateys" and "This be pleasing to me eye." Hilarious!

Tiffany said...

oh how I miss my prescription sunglasses! I wish the lily beetles weren't so destructive in my neck of the woods - I miss having beautiful smelling lilies!


Georgie said...

I changed it to "Pirate" and it was funny, so I thought I would try "English UK" it was no different than "English US". I was so dispointed. I don't know what I expected ~ I suppose something like "Say what govenor" or perhaps "let's have a cuppa."