The Way We Garden Now

Honestly, I love this little book from Katherine Whiteside. It's so earthy, and happy, and real. It is one of the books that I got for only $1 from abebooks.com.

It's the handdrawn illustration that suck you in. And the remarkable easy projects. Life doesn't have to be hard and neither does gardening. She lets you know the best way to do get things accomplished in the garden and exactly why. Each chapter starts with the phrase, "What's the payoff?"

Tons of info here about compost, attracting birds, growing veggies, planting trees, and making your garden beautiful. I initially got this as a library book, but decided that it has so much useful information that I will return to it over and over, so I had to buy it for myself.


georgia b. said...

i've seen this book before. i wonder if my sister might have it. it's something i could see her having—she's an avid gardener. i'll have to ask her. if she doesn't already, i'll have to get it for her as a gift.

Pink & Green Mama said...

Lovely, I'll be adding this one to my books to check out at the library list!! Thanks : )