Summer List

Important Dates:
June 26-29 McKenna Family Reunion
July 2-6 High Sierra Music Festival
July 11-12 Taylorsville Solar Cook-off
August 8 Dave Alvin & The Guilty Women
August 9 The Blasters
August 17 My 50th!

get raspberries and currant plants from Mom
tag photos in Picasa

Ace's Baseball
Tuesday night blues at Squaw Valley
Beach music on Sundays in Tahoe City

In Defense of Food -- Michael Pollan
Food Not Lawns -- HC Flores
the not so big life -- Susan Susanka
The Friday Night Knitting Club -- Kate Jacobs
The Feast of Love -- Charles Baxter
The Memory Keeper's Daughter -- Kim Edwards
The Center of Everything -- Laura Moriarty
A Backward Glance -- Edith Wharton


georgia b. said...

i've heard about the book {in defense of food}. i am intrigued. i hope you will give us a review about it.

you've got quite the summer ahead of you. i need to put my goals and plans down on paper like this. otherwise the summer tends to pass me by and i forget to do the things i had planned to.

Janine at Rustic Kitchen said...

I so recommend In Defense of Food, and indeed anything by Michael Pollan. And I can't wait to hear more about the bees and chickens! My list includes some field trips to visit farmers markets -- if you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them.